EUREKA, CA Nov 16th-18th, 2018


Lisa will demonstrate a variety of sculpting techniques for creating hollow female form to be applied into a larger sculpted piece or stand alone as a finished work.  The class will focus on how to form hollow female figure parts individually and create different forms in at least three different color styles. All work is done with Borosilicate glass. Discussing gravity and how it lends to sculpting techniques with hollow glass figures, and how to apply them to various projects and designs.  Lisa will use transparent prepped colored tube pull sections as well as solid color hollow sections to show their varying capabilities.  Students should be able to practice forms during the class with oversight by instructor as needed after we do at least two demos during the ongoing lecture. Each student will receive laminated mini guide of the step by step instructions for basic female form shaping, including sketched pictures to use at torch in class and take home. Lisa will bring prepared sections for everyone to have chance to try each type (transparent color, solid color as well as clear) on torch. Looking forward to seeing you soon! This course will be two full day intensive.
The event is sponsored by
Northstar Glassworks, Golden Gate Glassworks, Momka's Glass and GlassAlchemy.

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